frequently asked questions

How do I get a box?

You can order by going to our shop or taking our quiz to match you with the perfect box!

What if I don't know where the bach party is yet?

As much as we LOVE destination themed boxes, it's not absolutely necessary to have a location before ordering your box! Just choose your theme.

How long do I have to wait to get my box?

Please allow up to 1 week for your bachbox to arrive. If you need one expedited, please email us your shipping needs so we can try + accommodate!

Are the boxes customizable?

We sell each them as is - no swap outs or changes. However, you can always add more items to your order, build your own box a la carte, or create a custom theme!

Can you create a bachbox that isn’t listed on the shop?

See our "custom box" option!

I have guys in my group. Can you accommodate?

Absolutely! Just let us know in the notes section at checkout.

Do you create bachboxes for guys?

We don’t currently have bachboxes for guys, but it’s something we want to offer in the future. Stay tuned! :)

How many people is a box for?

The boxes are created for 5 people including the bride. have 10 in your party? order 2 boxes! have between 5-10? order a box + add extra items a la carte!

What's the difference between a box + a decor pack?

a box comes with cups, straws, accessories, + decor for 5 babes + up! the decor packs come with the themed decor items from our boxes!