hey, babe

We created the bachbox with our best girlfriends in mind.

Our founder, Danielle, a wedding planner by trade, noticed that there was nothing on the market in terms of a fun and easy way to take a bachelorette party from boring and basic to so fun and overdone. Being a lover of all things decorated and detailed (she’s the girl who takes a disco ball-shaped cup to the club with her girls!), she wanted to create a unique product that really felt like the icing on the bachelorette party cake.

after all, what’s a party without the detail and the tchotchkes?

She, of all people, knew what it meant to have a busy lifestyle, one where you can barely find the time to cook yourself a good meal or get to a hot yoga class on time, let alone curate the perfect party box for your best friend’s bachelorette party. Created with busy girls in mind, the bachbox is a fun and easy approach to curating the perfect “Insta-worthy” box of goodies to celebrate your favorite bachelorette.


As well as being the CEO of the bachbox, Danielle is also the Owner + Creative Director of wedding planning, design + lifestyle brand Leilani Weddings, and Business Coach + Mentor. 

As a self- proclaimed “serial entrepreneur”, Danielle is passionate about building companies, developing brands, and is a big advocate of “Girl Power”, mentoring young women on their paths to success, and blogging about wellness, fashion + business. As a full-time wedding planner + designer, she is no stranger to multi-tasking + doing “all the things” with style.

When she isn’t working (a rarity!) you can find Danielle practicing yoga, riding her bike, or dancing to some (very loud!) EDM music.

why bachbox?

Your bestie is getting married, and she deserves all of the fun, all of the flair, all of the extra-ness that you can provide. So we search, and we shop, just like we are an extension of your girl squad. From balloons she is going to love walking into the hotel room to, to drink floaties that you KNOW everyone will have to get a selfie with, to matching shirts + sunglasses. The bachbox is meant to take your party up a notch. The best part? Instead of spending weeks searching high and low for the perfect props, getting shirts made and decorations ordered, we deliver the perfect themed box straight to your hotel room or airbnb.

focus on toasting with your best babe - she's getting MARRIED!

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Danielle Leilani

CEO + Founder

Co-Owner + Director of Aesthetics

Crystal Stasolla

Originally a content creator and graphic designer, Crystal is very experienced when it comes to managing social media, outreach, and design. She is the creativity behind the graphics, box designs, + more!

When Crystal isn’t working, she loves to sing, dance, hang out with her cats (Finn + Bella) and, because she’s a native of Italy, drink wayyyy too many cappuccinos.

the fun stuff

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