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5 Wellness Bach Party Ideas

Hey bach babes! This month we're all about promoting wellness. We know a lot of stress goes into planning your special day + we want to help you relax and enjoy it. Before the festivities, tears, beautiful venue, + good company all come together, you need a break to make sure you take care of yourself first!

Yog(onn)a Get Married!!

What better way to tone down the wedding planning jitters than with a little slow, steady, yoga practice with the girls. Hire an instructor to teach a group class, or schedule a virtual session. When so many things feel out of control, it’s great to feel grounded by someone who knows what they're doing + will guide you to ease the body + mind.

To make it more fun, add matching outfit sets to the mix, suggest a color theme for everyone to wear or get matching yoga fits from places like Gymshark, Gold Sheep Clothing, or Girlfriend Collective! The most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable + flexible in what they’re wearing!

Relax + Recharge

Why not take a moment to pamper yourself + relieve stress with reiki sessions. This is a Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It may feel like a wonderful, glowing radiance that flows through and around you which would be the perfect boost for the bride + her party to carry with them before the big day. Planning a group massage is also another way to relax and recharge the babes + leave everyone feeling rejuvenated!

Superfuel Your "I Do" Crew

The best way to get fired up for the big celebration is to fuel your system with superfoods + wellness drinks! We recommend searching for healthy drinks, smoothies, fresh juices, wellness shots, + even healthy DIY cocktails from your favorite juice bar or grocery store. Ever thought of hiring a personal chef for the day? There are even ones that specialize in superfoods! Whatever refreshing experience you decide, make sure to pair your drinks with hearty salads, sandwiches, or acai bowls to complete the super-fuel experience.

Get to Know the Babes

On this topic of well-being, give the crew a chance to get to know themselves better by doing some tarot cards, hiring a psychic, or receiving energy readings. One way to achieve this is to hire an expert in the field. Energy readings can help your girls receive guidance in their life. This unique experience will be one to remember! If hiring a person isn’t in your budget, there are tons of online quizzes like Feminine Seduction Archetype Quiz + What Energy Do You Give Off Quiz that you can take + discuss your results all together.

Share Your heART Out

Some more wholesome, expressive outlet activities will be ones you can physically touch + watch come to life. Set up your own paint + wine night and pick some prompts that inspire one to be creative and share their true colors. For a more soothing, simple activity, color some mandalas or find some fun coloring books + bring loads of coloring pencils, crayons, markers, or water brushes. Bright, vibrant colors aside, you can also simplify things by working on some journal exercises that really get everyone’s minds turning.

Wellness is about peace with the mind and body. There’s so many different pieces you can work on to better discover your deeper self + who knows, a little clarity about who you really are can help you realize all the little details that do and don’t matter about the big day!

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