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7 Tips To Overcoming Post-Engagement Jitters


After the question + champagne have been popped + every family member has called to ask the ever-so popular "when's the wedding?" question, you may be starting to feel the post-engagement jitters set in.

If the pressures of planning a wedding, being an engaged person//almost wifey, + balancing your regular life feel overwhelming, we're here to help calm you down!

First of all, it’s completely normal to feel nervous when a big life event happens so don't beat yourself up if you're not floating on cloud nine right away.

Read this snippet from a huffpost article by Kelsey Borresen:

When everyone around you is telling you that the engagement is the “happiest time of your life” and you don’t actually feel that way, you think surely there must be something wrong with you or your relationship. But that’s often not the case.

Whether you have tons of questions on your mind, random notes in your phone of wedding ideas or a messy guest list that just seems to be getting longer by the day, take a breath + try these tips to overcoming post-engagement jitters.

1. remember what it's all about

after you put on the ring + smile for the photos, it's easy to get immediately lost in all of the phone calls + expectations put on you by family + friends. take a beat + think about you + your partner. this moment is about YOU guys + no one else. you're celebrating your love for each other! this time in your life is so special + supposed to be fun. so enjoy it!

2. don't let other people's pressure's be your own

family can be overbearing. we know. the minute you get engaged it seems as though every family member comes out of the woodwork to ask when the big day is. guess what? it's not about them. again, it's about YOU guys. you can take as much or as little time as you want. you can invite whoever you want. you can do WHATEVER you want. don't take on other people's projections.

3. practice meditation, journaling, + breathing

if you're feeling overwhelmed + can't seem to calm down, try some relaxation techniques. meditation can help calm your nerves + pinpoint the root of your worries. journaling every thought can be super helpful to just get it all out of your head. + just remember to breathe. take some deep breaths + release all the nerves.

4. take your time!

whether you want to wait a year or 10 years to get married, it's up to you + your partner. don't let what others do influence your choices. this moment goes by so fast! cherish every second + don't rush it!

5. talk to your significant other

your nerves are completely normal + chances are your SO is feeling them too. it's a lot of pressure to get married. talk to your SO about what you're going through + let them be your shoulder to lean on. you'll feel so much better when you realize that they are there for you!

6. remember you're not alone

you can find tons + tons of articles, blogs, forums, books... you name it, on engagement jitters. you are not the only one feeling this!

⁠7. confide in a therapist

there are a lot of benefits to seeing a therapist for general anxiety as well as seeing one for these life changing moments. it's super common that emotions are brought to the surface when you make a big life change. talk about it with a therapist + see if they can help you manage + sort out your feelings!

In the end, don’t let the pressure get you down! Enjoy the moment! YOU’RE FREAKING ENGAGED!💍 ⁠

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