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8 of Our Fave Bachelorette Party Games

What are parties if games aren’t involved? No matter where you’re headed to for your bach weekend getaway, make sure to bring along a game or two for you + your bride tribe! Today we have created a list of 8 of our fave bachelorette party games. In no particular order, we hope this list will come in handy when planning your bach party!

Tipsy Tiles

We recently discovered this brand, + we’re in love! If you’re a jenga fan, checking out Tipsy Tiles is a must! The game is a wild take on drunk jenga. One of our more recent discoveries, this game definitely takes fun + drinking to a whole new level. Apart from its Bachelorette set theme, the game is also available in Classic, Vintage, Home for the Holidays, + College theme sets. Afraid of repetition? Each tile is completely different with its own unique rules, + 3 intentionally blank tiles for your own ideas! But the theme’s don’t stop there! New releases of Ladies Night + Couples Date Night set are in the works. It’s just like the classic party game. However, the only difference is, it’s bound to get you tipsy. We highly recommend starting off your bach weekend getaway with Tipsy Tiles!

Do or Drink Bachelorette

You’ve probably heard of Do or Drink. With its wide variety of categories, we have won with the bachelorette edition! How convenient, right? The title is pretty self explanatory. You either do… or you drink! The game consists of daring challenges. With the bachelorette deck, there are an additional 50 challenges that are sure to turn up the party between you + your bride tribe. Here’s to a wild night gals!

Bachelorette Bash

We’re throwing another card game down your way. This game holds the ultimate icebreaker party pre-game. With 200+ cards + 6 different categories, the Bachelorette Bash is sure to give you a night to remember as your final days as a single woman!

Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a good idea! For our brides + their tribe who enjoy a good adventure, add a bachelorette scavenger hunt to the list. Work in teams or as a whole group + complete all the tasks. If in teams, losing team buys! Or if as a group, take a shot for each uncompleted task. It’s like a win-win.

Prosecco Pong

Beer pong is cool + all, but have you tried prosecco bong? Tonight, we’re feeling classy. Fill up those champagne glasses up with any of your fave classy drinks. It’s just like beer pong, but with class-- so you know the rest!

Pin the Kiss on Your Celeb Crush

Inspired by pin the tail on the donkey, this game is equivalent to it! Get a poster of your current celeb crush, + you’ll also need lip stickers. Then blindfold the player + spin them around. From there, the goal is to stick the lips on the lips of the celeb!

Toilet Paper Lingerie

If you’re creative + a fashionista, you’re in luck! A few toilet paper rolls will be needed, along with staples + tape. This simple, yet fun game will have you + your bride tribe ready for the runway. Show everyone your best lingerie look!

Fill in the Song Lyrics

If you enjoy karaoke-- which we’re probably sure you do! We have the perfect game for you. See how well you remember these song lyrics. You + your bride tribe are bound to sing your hearts out! The best thing about this game is how you’re able to make your version of it.

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