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8 of Our Favorite Bachelorette Party Drinks

Our Bachbox 2.0 collection has officially dropped! Be sure to check out our social pages-- you won’t want to miss it. Today we have a blog that will bring out the mixologist within you. You can’t have a bach party without party drinks, so we present to you 8 of our favorite bachelorette party drinks that are bound to bring you + your bride tribe endless fun!


If we could describe sangria in three words, they would be fruity, refreshing + smooth. Originating from the beautiful country of Spain, sangria is a drink that not only tastes fresh + delicious but is also easy to make! When preparing, ingredients you’ll need are apples + oranges, orange juice, brown or cane sugar, brandy or rum, wine (let’s make it Spanish, so either Rioja Crianza, Garnacha, or any other Spanish red wine), + ice.

Apple - cored and sliced into pieces

Orange - sliced into small pieces

Orange juice - 1.5 cup

Sugar - 7 tablespoons (brown) or 3.5 tablespoons (cane)

Brandy or Rum - .67 cup

Wine - 1500 ml of Spanish red wine

Ice - 2 cups

Pink Vodka Lemonade

You can never go wrong with pink lemonade! Especially while sitting at the poolside on a beautiful hot + sunny day, with pink lemonade in your hand, + maybe a splash or two of vodka to spice it up. This simple + easy drink will have you + your bride tribe sipping away while off on your mini getaway! What you’ll need: sprite, vodka, malibu, lime juice, cranberry juice + ice.

Sprite - 1.25 liter

Vodka - 180 ml (¾ cup)

Malibu - 60 ml (¼ cup)

Lime juice (freshly squeezed!) - 80 ml (⅓ cups)

Cranberry Juice - 80 ml(⅓ cups)

Ice - 2 cups

Tequila Sunrise

*Cue Tequila by the Champs* Feeling bright? Tequila Sunrise is the way to go! With only three ingredients, this drink is as easy as 1,2,3. To make sure the colors are preserved, be sure to not mix when served-- this includes being precise when creating the drink. Ingredients you will need Blanco tequila, freshly squeezed orange juice, + grenadine. For decoration, an orange slice + a cherry will do! The first thing you will add to a cup of ice is the tequila + the orange juice. Then, add the grenadine (this should sink to the bottom of the glass.) Lastly, garnish with an orange slice + a cherry. Viola + enjoy!

Moscato Float

As a kid, you probably had a few rootbeer floats, or even throughout your teens + adulthood. Well, have you ever heard of or tasted a Moscato float? If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat! Another super easy + tasty drink coming up your way. Ingredients include vanilla ice cream, strawberry soda, + Moscato!

Vanilla ice cream - 2 scoops

Strawberry soda - ½ a cup

Moscato - fill the remaining glass with Moscato

Talk about fun + fancy!

Nutella Shot

You can say we have a bit of a sweet tooth going on. We know this picture is calling your name right at this moment. That Nutella, whip cream, and strawberry make such a beautiful trio... But anyway! Let’s get to it. Ingredients needed are Nutella, heavy whipping cream, sugar, vodka, whipped cream, + strawberries.

Nutella - ¾ cup

Heavy whipping cream - 1 ¼ cup

Sugar - ½ cup

Vodka - 2 cups

In order to create this drink, you will need to combine the Nutella + sugar in a pot + turn on low heat. Then, you will carefully add the heavy whipping cream + vodka into the mix. Be sure to stir frequently! After it is cooled off, you will serve it into a glass shot. Top off the shot with whip cream + a strawberry. Bon appétit!

Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry daiquiris are the perfect drink for a summer bach day! It’s basically like a fruit smoothie-- well at least in our book. Ingredients required to make this easy + delicious drink include light rum, lime juice, simple syrup, + strawberries.

Light rum - 2 ounces

Lime juice (freshly squeezed!) - ½ ounce

Strawberries - 4 (large + sliced)

Ice - 1 cup

Pineapple Mango Rum Punch

The Caribbean is always a good choice for a bach trip, but what if you can’t make it out to the Caribbean? This pineapple mango rum punch will definitely make you feel like you’re there! Just imagine yourself in sunny Palm Springs. You close your eyes + take a sip out of your cup, + all of a sudden, you’re in Jamaica or the Dominican Republic, or maybe let’s just get right to it! Ingredients needed are pineapple coconut juice, coconut rum, mango juice, orange juice, grenadine, lime slices, edible flowers.

Pineapple coconut juice - 3 ounces

Coconut rum - 3 ounces

Mango juice - 1 ounce

Orange juice - 1 ounce

Grenadine - just a splash!

Ice is always a good idea. Combine + stir all juices in a pitcher. Then pour in a glass filled with ice + add a splash of grenadine. Lastly, garnish with lime slices + edible flowers!

Cotton Candy Champagne

We’ve reached the end of our list, but how does a cotton candy champagne glass sound to you? Fairylike, if you ask us! Another super easy drink to sip on (+ eat!) while with your bride tribe! All you need is a bottle (or few) of rosé + cotton candy. It’ll be like mini clouds on a glass. Enjoy the sweetness!

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