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Austin Guide

Hey brides + tribes! We’re back with another travel guide. This time we’re taking y’all to the Lone Star state-- Texas! So grab your cowboy hats + boots, because we’re heading to Austin.

Finding a place where you + your bride tribe feel at home can be tough sometimes. However, we got you covered! Looking to stay in a home for your bachelorette weekend getaway? Check out the Easy House Supreme. This house is able to fit up to 14 people + holds cool blue vibes with photo ops!

Prefer to stay in a hotel? We have three great options for you! Beginning with the South Congress Hotel, it is the perfect spot for those who love to shop. Apart from being at the center of South Congress Avenue, this hotel holds a chic vibe to it, as well as a rooftop pool-- which you may never want to leave! Secondly, we have the Lake Austin Spa Resort. Being more in the countryside, enjoy a relaxing weekend getaway with your bride tribe. You can also enjoy the great outdoors with recreational activities. Lastly, we have The Westin Downtown Austin. For our pool loving brides + tribes, we have another rooftop pool coming your way! This hotel is located in downtown Austin + walking distance from sixth street. Hitting the downtown bars after a poolside day sounds like a great plan!

The Westin Downtown Austin

Lake Austin Spa Resort

Time to explore the food, bars, + nightclubs in Austin! For this first bar, you will not need to travel too far-- that’s if you stay at The Westin Downtown Austin. Azul Rooftop is located right in the Westin! Whether deciding if you’ll be going during the day or night, the cocktails will sure keep you cooled off in the Texas heat. Try some delicious Mexican food at El Alma. Not only will you be loving the food, but the view as well! Bars that you + your bride tribe should definitely check out are Whisler’s + The Roosevelt Room. As for nightclubs, we recommend the Barberella + the Lit Lounge!

El Alma


When comes down on things to do, we recommend three:

Ride the Brunch Bus

This is something you cannot miss out on! Not only should the title sell out, but the bus itself comes with a live band that will join you through your wild ride. One drink is provided per stop, + there will also be games + prizes to win!

River Tubing

Austin is known for its heat-filled days. Apart from cooling off on a rooftop bar, you can also cool off on a river! River tubing in the great outdoors sounds like fun if you ask us. With choosing between a public or private tour, you're bound to have a great experience.

Texas Hill Vineyard

Has anybody ever said no to wine? Because we sure haven’t! For a perfect bounding opportunity, head over to Texas Hill Vineyard. You might want to bring a few bucks to take home some of their precious wine!

With all of our favorite places in Austin, we hope you + bride tribe enjoy the Texas sun!

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