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Honolulu, Hawaii Guide

Aloha, beaches. This week we will be celebrating a bachelorette party in Honolulu, Hawaii! Sun, sand, + a ring on my hand! The perfect destination for a bachelorette weekend. Ladies, pack your bags. We are heading to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Kiss the miss goodbye. It's time to shellabrate!

Before we get our tans on! Let's cover places to stay. One of our favorites is Halepuna Waikiki. Not only is it a gorgeous brand new resort, but it is minutes from the sand. Plus, their beautiful infinity pool that overlooks the beach makes for the perfect insta photos! You know what they say? If you didn't take the picture, you werent there. Another hotel that is highly recommended is the Ritz Carlton. The Ritz will guarantee a luxurious + relaxing stay. The gorgeous resort has a stunning ocean view + plenty of amenities within its walls. Some other hotels that make for a beautiful stay: The Royal Hawaiian, Moana Surfrider, + Prince Waikiki.

Now that we have our stay covered, let's chat about activities! Waikiki has many places to make memories with the girls. The first activity we think you guys will love is Extreme Parasailing Honolulu. Starting at $70, you can enjoy the gorgeous views of Honolulu from a birds-eye view. Talk about an adventure. The company also offers other activities such as jet ski + fly board rentals. Honolulu's Maita'i Catamaran is one of our favorites. The catamaran lets you experience the breathtaking views of Diamond Head while partying, of course. This excursion is the perfect place to get the greatest group pics + let loose with the girls. Another activity that is highly recommended is Raptor Tours at Kualoa. Not only do you get to experience the stunning, open-air views of Kualoa Ranch, but this is where many Hollywood movies have been filmed, including Jurassic Park. Count me in. The last activity we are going to cover is going out. Yes, I know you ladies have all been waiting to hear about where music is. Well, you're in luck because we know one of the most fun nightclubs in Honolulu. Where are my beaches at? We are going to The District. This nightclub will ensure you + your I do crew will have an unforgettable time.

Finally! We're starving. Let's talk about food + drinks. Honolulu is home to some of the greatest restaurants. If you stay at the Halepuna Waikiki or Ritz Carlton, they offer many places to dine in their hotel, so you can enjoy a casual brunch or dinner without leaving. Imagine ordering appetizers + a cocktail to relax by the pool. It sounds like heaven to me. Some other restaurants we highly recommend are Opal Thai Food, they are known for their outstanding menu + ranked one of the best in Hawaii! Next, we have, Orchids. This restaurant offers an elegant dining experience that comes with an oceanfront view. Please put on your little back dresses, girls. We are getting fancy. If you are looking for something quick + easy, be sure to check out Musubi Cafe. Their rolls + shaved ice will have you wanting more.

Now that our trip is official let us talk about the theme. The Aloha Beaches is seriously the cutest idea. With The Bachbox's help, you ladies will look phenomenal. For this getaway, let's throw in matching t-shirts, masks, + bathing suits. We want all of Honolulu to know why we're here. To play it safe, let's add a hangover kit. We know what it's like to have too many Mai tai’s. With everything all planned out, it's time to go!

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