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How To Have The Best "Girls' Night In" Bach Party

Happy Thursday! This week we are switching things up a bit and will be gossiping about a “girls’ night in” bachelorette party. Today we’re are going to go over the essentials to ensure you have the most memorable bachelorette party from home! One more night, let’s do this right.

First, let’s talk about food + drinks. There is no party without these two important items. To make your job a little easier we have provided some food + drinks from Pinterest. Through these links, you will find recipes for some of our favorites! Some of the items are fancy charcuterie boards, mac + cheese bites, fruit dishes, + some tasty desserts. The drink list is endless, which will make it so hard to choose from since everything looks amazing. Some of our favorite drinks are strawberry limoncello spritzer, blood orange margarita, espresso martinis + of course champagne!

Now that we have covered food + drinks let’s discuss entertainment. To make your bachelorette party unforgettable there has to be plenty of fun games everyone will love. We're not just talking about checkers or chess; we're talking about games that will spice the mood up! To give you some ideas of the games we have in mind, we have provided a link to some of the ones we love from brides. Some of the games we think you will love are Pin the Kiss on the Spouse-to-Be, Dirty Minds, The Drink “if” Game, What’s in Your Cell Phone + more.

With the entertainment out of the way, let’s discuss the theme. We all know the theme is the most important part. Our favorite theme for our girl’s night in is “One more night, Let’s get this right.” So cute right? There are plenty of themes or slogans to choose from. To help you brainstorm, we have added a list of themes we think you will love! Plus, that’s not all! With our help from the Bachbox we can help you provide the cutest accessories for your bachelorette party! For this party, we are thinking of matching t-shirts and maybe even throw in a hangover kit. We all know how crazy house parties can get.

Before we send you off to start planning, we can’t forget about music. Music is what makes a party, a party. Having the perfect playlist is crucial. To give you some ideas we have linked some songs we think you + the girls will sing, dance + take shots to all night! It's time to get this party going! And as always don’t forget to have fun, it's your special night.

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