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Planning The Ultimate Bachelorette Party With Your #Bridetribe

Gone are the days when bachelorette parties were expected to involve only strippers, booze, black cocktail dresses and “Team Bride” sashes. Not saying these classics aren’t fun options but after working with a variety of #leilanibrides we have also discovered that a wild night is not every bride’s style. Some brides prefer a wine night with her fave girls, a beach day followed by a spa night, a classy dinner on a rooftop or even just a night in with face masks + games. Really, your bachelorette party is a time for a bride to hang out with her favorite girls + ultimately it’s up to her how she wants to spend that time. So, whatever it is your best babe wants for her #bachparty, we are here to provide some tips on how to plan it.

Let’s begin!

Make it Personal to the Bride

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are the bride’s best friend. That means, YOU know her best + you can create a party that she absolutely loves. So break away from the traditional + consider what you know about your best friend + what her personal style looks like. Go beyond her fashion style + look at the vacations she has gone on in the past, her fave hobbies, how she relaxes after a long work day, what she + her hubby-to-be enjoy doing together. Then, compile a list + write down possible parties or events you can create from it. For example, did you discover that she is an adventure junkie? Write hiking on your list + find trails around the corner or thousands of miles away. Or go BIG + write skydiving down + route your party to an exotic destination spot. Maybe you discovered that she is more of a homebody. If that’s the case, consider how you can make a night in more than just a regular hang out with friends. Consider hiring a spa service + create fun #bachparty inspired games. Or maybe your bestie falls in between these two extremes. If that’s the case, look for a wine tour in Napa or sailing at Newport.

At the end of the day, this party is for your bestie. As #teambride, it is your responsibility to create magic she loves. So, if you’re not totally sure what kind of party she really wants, ask her! Don’t be afraid to talk to the bride about specifics. It’s better that she knows + enjoys her party than it being a surprise she totally hates.

Here are some ideas for #bachbabe parties that break the tradition: Hiking Skydiving Tea Party Night in with movies, games, mani pedis + wine Wine tour Horseback riding Sailing Beach day + night out

Take charge

Planning by committee is a total nightmare so if you want to share the planning load, ask just one trusted friend or bridesmaid for help. This is the time for you to figure out the logistics. Start by getting specific dates from the bride-to-be for when she’s available. Determine if it will be a day trip, overnight stay or even weekend get-away. Get an official headcount of which bridesmaids are coming + start booking!

So first things first, establish the destination and research hotels + activities like hiking trails, fancy dine-ins + boutique fitness classes. Send flight + other transportation details to each bridesmaid + confirm that the entire crew has booked travel to and from destination. Make hotel or airbnb arrangements. Set reservations for the group at restaurants, lounges, pool parties + fun activities—don’t forget the fun in all of this planning! Secure transportation like limos, party buses + ubers.

Budget thoughtfully

Talk to the other bridesmaids before confirming any details about a potential budget and suggest that people can contact you individually with concerns. You want to create a fun party but you also don’t want anyone breaking the bank for it. So if you want to fly across the country to Miami Beach or hit the casinos in Las Vegas or even tour wineries in Venice, make sure everyone, especially the bride, is down for that!

Establish right away how each bridesmaid is going to pay for bridesmaids activities—hotel, meals, transportation, activities, any fun decorations, et cetera. Be clear about what is + isn’t being covered. It might be better to ask for the money upfront than to wait until after all the festivities are over. That way, you can avoid the awkward “Hey, you haven’t paid me yet” emails post-event + venmo algebra to sort out dinner bills + uber costs. If there is any money left over post-event, return it to the guests.

Chic, Fab + Fun – Go crazy with decor!

Wherever you choose to host the festivities, some decorations are in order! Engagement ring floats, balloons, disco ball cups, matching shirts + sunglasses + SO. MUCH. MORE. Going over the top is absolutely encouraged when it comes to decor because your best babe is getting married, and she deserves all of the fun, all of the flair, all of the extra-ness that you can provide. This is where—no-shame plug-in—our Bach Box brand may just provide the perfect fit for you + your besties! Instead of spending weeks searching high and low for the perfect props + getting shirts made and decorations ordered, we deliver a perfectly customized box straight to your hotel room or airbnb. All you have to do is fill out a fun questionnaire about your bestie + let us create a fun box for the whole squad to enjoy!

Also, did you know that the MOH of each #leilanibride is contacted about 6 months prior to the wedding by one of our planners to check in with bachelorette party deets? We are here to help you plan the ultimate bachelorette party for your bestie. So get ready for your “wildest girls night out” + focus on toasting with your best babe!


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