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Sustainable Bach Party

Supporting and contributing to the place we all call home is so essential. This week we will be discussing a sustainable bachelorette party! Those interested in participating in an eco-friendly party stay tuned because we will share five great tips for a fabulous bachelorette party. She’s not a regular bride, she’s a cool bride.

Tip 1: host your party locally. Hosting your party locally will allow your guests to carpool or maybe even walk. Some ideas may be a house party, glamping, or staying in a nearby hotel. No matter where you are, you will have the best time with the girls.

Tip 2: Instead of using party favors that will just get tossed after the bash is over, use recyclable items that will be reused. Some sustainable party favors might be stainless steel straws, mason jars, reusable wall decor, tissue paper decorations, and maybe some bride squad attire that can be used for the following bachelorette function.

Tip 3: Shopping ahead of time will allow you to gather all the food you think you’ll need. Be sure to purchase shareable items, so there aren’t many leftovers to toss. When shopping for alcohol, try to buy liquor that comes in boxes, this way, you can avoid plastic. When purchasing bottles of champagne or wine, see if you can find bottles with glass corks. These bottles are reusable and perfect for holding other beverages once finished. Don’t forget to buy eco-friendly utensils and plates so the guests have a proper way to enjoy their food.

Tip 4: When participating in activities, make sure you are using your mason jar glasses. These will serve as reusable cups. Try to brainstorm fun games that can be reused for another party. For example, “For the Girls” is the perfect card game for a bachelorette party and serves a purpose for another party, this way, you won’t be tossing the game after you’re done.

Tip 5: Have fun! These suggestions are here to help make your job a little bit easier while keeping our world a little cleaner. Make sure to dance and sing the night away because our next stop is the aisle. Make it a night to remember.

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