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Throw The Best Bach Sail-abration

A boat ride can go a few ways, it can be wet + wild, chic + aesthetic, or adventurous + immersive. If you like any of those vibes, keep reading + let us help you plan out the breeziest, classiest experience for you + your crew to have the most memorable time.

It's all smooth sailing from here, babe!

Theme names: Let’s Get Shipfaced / Bae Watch / Nauti Crew / Wet + Wild

For some fizzy festivities, we picture black and gold accents, champagne + drinks all around, loaded foods to cure all your cravings, a DJ, + comfy plush lounge seats!

Stock up on all your favorite bubbly champagnes, beers, sodas, liquor, + get some shot cups in bracelet or necklace form so it stays hanging on your crew + not lost at sea. Plan to invest in some indulgent foods such as burgers, fries, pizza, chicken wings, etc. because finger food is going to be top hit after all the drinks!

Hire a DJ to get everyone pumped and dancing + don't forget the matching swimsuits to tie it all together!!

Theme names: A Cruise to Forever / All You Need is Vitamin Sea / Last Sail Before the Veil

Toning things down while still having the time of your life with your girls, you can also set up a classier “enjoy the ocean view without getting wet” experience.

For this vibe we picture a fully set up picnic table, tall champagne glasses, flowers, plants, pampas grass, expertly designed charcuterie style food, + home decor items all around!

If you enjoy the ocean breeze in your hair, the scent of salt water, and a sandy shore without a dunk or slip in the water, you’ll love this cozy ride. You’ll be able to appreciate a fully clothed, beachy look while chatting over your charcuterie.

The view will be an Instagram aesthetic dream with all the floral, decor, pillows, and the elegance of it all!

Theme names: Tan Lines + Good Times / Girls Just Want to Have Sun / Last Splash

For a more adventurous time, plan a boating trip that includes snorkeling, swimming, towable tube, or simply soaking up the sun on pool floaties! Any of these experiences will be more draining + body demanding so make sure to be loaded with sunblock, water, hearty, healthy snacks, life jackets, + phone memory space to capture the great content.

Snorkeling is great for beginners + for those that love to take a look at sea creatures. You can take the time to chill in pool floaties, casually swim, or even rent a boat with a slide attached for a thrilling slippery jump in the water.

To have the most adrenaline-pumping time invest in a multiple rider towable tube to literally ride the waves of your last splash.

What're you thinking for your last splash? Are you adventurous or chill? Whatever your vibe, we hope we were able to help!


the bachbox squad

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