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Tips For A Stress Free Bachelorette Weekend

Stress? We don’t know her! Your bachelorette party marks your final moments as a single lady, the last fling before the ring, the final fiesta - you catch our drift. Here at The bachbox, we want you + your bride tribe to not only have a stress-free weekend to remember, but one that was seamless to plan. We know that between planning the big day itself, family dynamics, making decisions of all sorts, and trying to enjoy this time as an engaged woman can leave you feeling very busy + sometimes even overwhelmed. With so many tasks to tackle at hand, you can be left thinking “Where do we even begin!?” That’s why this week we’ve put together a list of must-do’s while planning for your big weekend that awaits you! Grab your Maid of Honor + let’s get to planning!

Picking a Location

Where are we headed off to, ladies? There are so many places you + your bride tribe can choose from. Feeling keen on the desert vibes? Or are we thinking more city girl vibes? From Palm Springs, CA to Manhattan, NY, be sure to check out our past bachelorette party guide blogs for some of our favorite spots in your desired city.


Once you have the location down, it’s time to book your reservations! Finding the perfect AirBnb or hotel takes some time, so be sure to book in advance. Make sure to call to schedule your reservation at any + all places you have your eyes set on-- but not before sending out the invites + having the confirmed number of RSVP’s!

Theme + Party Favors

A common misconception is that your bach party theme needs to fit the destination - that simply is not true! Pick the theme that best suits your destination-- or whatever theme you desire! Party favors are also a must. Some of our favorite favor ideas: Matching shirts or swimsuits, drinkware, pool floaties, straws, masks, sunglasses, flash tattoos, + a bride-to-be sash! Of course, bachbox is here to make sure you've got it all covered!

Create a Playlist

Music is essential for everything in life, so why not create a customized playlist for your last fling before the ring? Create a playlist for the road, while getting ready, AND for the party. Play today’s top hits or take a trip down memory with throwbacks!

Things You’ll Need

Here are some packing essentials for your bach party. Save + send to your girls!

  • Portable Charger - As you + your girls go out for a night on the dance floor, you’ll be using your phone all night for posting stories, creating fun TikToks + reels, and taking loads of cute pics! To avoid your phone dying, invest in a portable charger. You won’t want to miss out on taking photos that night, or in case of an emergency, the need to call someone.

  • Snacks - Bringing snacks will not only spare you from hunger, but save you some money! Not to mention those late night munchies during + after a fun night out.

  • Cash - It’s always good to carry some cash. You never know when you’re going to need it, and some places you may come across might be cash only. Having to find an ATM last minutes is such a buzzkill!

  • Hangover kit - First things first, stay hydrated! Don’t forget to stock up the hotel or Air BNB with lots of water, and constantly drink water throughout the weekend. Also be sure to pack a pain reliever like ibuprofen or Advil, and it may be a good idea to pack some alka-seltzer or other antacid as well.

  • Good Communication: To execute a well-organized + stress-free bachelorette party, there must be great communication between you + your bride tribe. The last thing anyone wants is a stressed-out bride. It should be a weekend of nothing but bliss, fun + no worries at all.

how cute is this lipstick portable charger!?

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