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Top 10 Fave LGBTQ+ Bach Party Favors

Happy Thursday everyone! If you missed our latest Bachbox blog, Happy Pride Month! We’re back with another blog in honor of pride month. Today, we’re talking about our top ten fave LGBTQ+ party favors. When it comes to bach parties, favors are essential! They are seen as an appreciative statement for your guest’s attendance. Party favors may range from soaps to candy jars to straws to shirts to etc. What we’re trying to say is, almost anything can be a party favor! In no particular order, here are some of our favorites.

Boob Confetti

Same boobs forever! How cute is this boob confetti?! Perfect for table, goodie bag, or air-toss decoration. Each packet will come with a total of 100 confetti pieces-- 25 boobs, 25 “same boobs forever”, 25 lips, + 25 engagement rings. Have a specific theme color scheme going on? Good news! You’re able to choose upon custom color requests. This confetti is available to order on Etsy + shipping takes between one to three days, so be sure to plan accordingly!

Temporary Tattoo

Bach parties are all about crazy fun moments! Sometimes, while at a bar or club, we may tend to lose our squad. What better way to find your way back than with this fun tattoo! We can’t guarantee that free drink, but we sure can guarantee tons of great compliments + make sure that everyone knows there are brides + grooms-to-be in the house!

En-gay-ged Sash

The sash should totally be a part of your Bach uniform. With this satin sash, not only will you be showing off that ring, but you’re also going to be showing off that pride!

Same ____ Forever Rainbow Sash

If you were already debating on deciding to put that first sash in your cart, sorry, but we may have made that decision a little tougher. Continuing on with our sash attire, how cute are these rainbow sashes?! Not to mention the ‘same ____ forever’ part! *wink wink* Perfect to maintain all eyes on you.

Same Penis Forever

Same Vagina Forever

Box of Cocks

If you love the scent of melon, you’re in luck! These little bar soaps are perfect to put in goodie bags or simply hand out to guests. Handcrafted + available in different colors to represent pride, you can’t go wrong with celebrating the Mr. 's-to-be.

Bride Squad T-Shirts

Matching shirts are still one of the cutest forms of party favors! What makes these shirts much more special is the Trans Pride flag in the Bride design. However, you’re also able to personalize for the groom squad as well!

Rainbow Boobie Pops

Sugar, spice, + everything nice, lick + taste the colors of the rainbow with this boobie pop! Treats are probably one of the best things to look forward to when attending a bach party. Make sure your guests have something sweet to hold onto throughout the night.

Party Themed Buttons Pins

Get you, your lover + your tribe noticed with these bridal pins! Celebrate loud + proud because this night is one for the books.

VIP Lanyards

Your bach party is just as important as any festival, concert, show, etc. Meaning, this event is VIP + for VIP only. Have your group look amazing in this fun, colorful VIP lanyard passes. Strut into the bars + clubs with style. + For this night, you are a Hollywood A-lister in our eyes!

Hair Ties

Throughout the night, you may have a totally different look than with the one you started with-- that’s if you don’t use that extra hold hairspray/gel, or maybe you’re just one of the few blessed with amazing hair! Sometimes, things may go a little South + you’ll need assistance in the bathroom. But don’t fret! Because these pride-styled hair ties are perfect for the night + will sure come in handy!

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