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Top 5 Adventures For The Outdoor Bride To Be

Hey bachbox babes!

We're back with another thrilling adventure on the blog today! Whether your bride loves exploring the great outdoors or just wants the cute photo=ops in a snowy cabin, we've got some exciting adventure ideas for you + your crew. From trudging through mud to floating in the ocean, we hope you find an outdoor experience your bride to be will absolutely love!

We've also included some theme ideas under each topic + some bach tips to help you out. We've got your back!

Now let's get to the Top 5 Adventures For The Outdoor Bride To Be!

1. Obstacle Course

Bride in Training

If you want to take your girls on a physically demanding, mentally challenging experience, invite them to an obstacle course extravaganza! Plan your day early with a hearty powerfood breakfast because you’ll be using your strength all day. Scout the weather + location in advance to make sure you’re sunscreen ready, bug spray protected, + dressed appropriately. Capture cute photos of you + your crew all dressed up in the protective gear + maybe even come up with an adventure group name for the day like #BridalBrigade or #TheBrideSquad. The course can differ based on difficulty level, but look for a variety of ziplining, tough mudder, rope or rock climbing, + balancing wooden steps for a memorable time!

bach tip: Make sure you have a secure case or wrist strap to your phone so you can capture pics with security that it could survive a fall or always be by your side!

2. Safari

Party Animals

If you’re with a group of girls that don’t want to be as active, but love being outdoors + seeing incredible sights, book yourselves a safari! Want an easy trip? Look into local safari's like Malibu Wine Safari. Looking to go all out? The full-blown experience is a plane flight to the most common safari location, South Africa. You can plan your whole trip on your own or get some help with a safari itinerary site that can plan the biggest to smallest details like flight, lodging, food, animal tours, activities + more. Comfortable, breathable outfits, sunglasses, hats, + sunscreen will be a big priority because you’ll want to make sure you can enjoy the views all day long.

bach tip: We recommend bringing battery packs, disposable cameras, + planning to be very present because where you’ll be won’t be as connected to digital life but out in the wild outdoors.

3. Snowboarding/Skiing

Sleigh All Day

Who says bachelorette parties only happen during sunny days? For a chilly, cozy, thrilling experience, plan your party during the fall/winter season + have a skiing or snowboarding escape! The cozy season is perfect to enjoy drinks in cute suits in hot tubs + have some fun making some boozy hot chocolate, especially in the cold weather. You can plan a fun party scene at night in your cabin and lodge + then get ready to slide through the snow the next morning. Cold season is the perfect time to rock matching warm gear such as hats, gloves, even pjs!

bach tip: Make sure everyone is bundled and warm and bring extra socks, waterproof gloves, + bring some hand warmer packs. Your jackets better have safe pockets because you’re going to want to capture the incredible mountain views, yourselves in cute bundled up outfits, + capture videos of all the snowy memories.

4. Snorkeling or Boating

Last Splash//Boat Hair Don’t Care

Plan a literally immersive experience with your adventurous girls with a boating trip that finishes with a snorkeling + soaking up the sun on pool floaties! If you and your girls love the water, you’ll love smelling the ocean air + feeling the wind through your hair as you sail towards a thriving coral reef. ​​Snorkeling is known to be a great beginner activity even for those that aren’t strong swimmers.

bach tip: if you want any underwater photos, book a shared group experience that offers a photographer on board or invest in waterproof cases or waterproof cameras.

5. Hiking

Last Hike Before Mr. Right

All these extra outdoor trips aren’t the only way to get your nature fill because you can even plan an adventure right in your backyard or city with a hike! A local hike makes packing + planning easy because you don’t have to plan days before or worry about not having space to bring everything you need.

When choosing a spot, find a key landmark or goal that makes the place unique + special to its location, its name, or its history. Once you choose a spot make sure you’re equipped with all the goodies for a great memory. Plan to have exercise shoes with good traction, comfortable moveable clothes, a hat or shades if it’s sunny, water bottles, + a small carrying bag for your essentials keys, chapstick, extra hair ties, + phone.

bach tip: Delegate a hype woman to keep everyone's energy high, ask how they’re doing//feeling, + to make sure there’s enough breaks because people are at different stamina levels. Everyone deserves to have a good time!

Which adventure are you bringing your bride tribe on?

xo, the bachbox squad

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