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Which Bachbox Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

hey there, bachbox babes!

we all know your zodiac tells the story of your personality + how other people perceive you.

with mercury in retrograde, we thought it'd be an appropriate time to dive into the world of zodiac!

whether you're more your sun sign, moon, or rising, we for sure have a bachbox for you.

read on below to find out which box you are based on your zodiac sign!

bach shi* crazy— gemini, sagittarius, scorpio

high energy, not afraid to break the rules, might get sloppy from time to time but always plays it off.

the basic bach— virgo, capricorn, pisces

sweet souls that love to help others, are always down for a good time (on their own terms), and can get easily in their feels

cloud wine— libra, taurus, cancer

are you drunk in love or just drunk? balancing reality, emotions, but always falling in love with the bad boy.

mean girls— aries, leo, aquarius

though they may be labeled "mean girls", these signs are just more honest than most. A high confidence + sense of self is their forte. No one needs to tell them they're the best, they just know.

we're dying to know, which one did you get!? let us know on our most recent instagram post!

as always thanks so much for reading, babe!


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